Bioair Spa

Indirizzo: Via Lombardia, 12 - 27010 Siziano (PV)
Telefono: +39 0382 6672.1

BIOAIR® is a leading brand of Contamination Control Equipment that originates from the historic Gelaire® brand, which in the early ‘70s became the “reference standard” in the field of environmental contamination control.

After several structural steps, first as a cooperative (BIOAIR SCrl) and then as a brand distributed by Celbio SpA until 2000 and Euroclone SpA until 2019, now as BioAir SpA, an Italian company strongly involved in the technological changes that are taking place in the world of Life Sciences and Cell & Gene Therapies.

Our products are designed and assembled in Italy whose long tradition and internationally recognized high quality of manufacturing can offer you the best equipment for your safety.

All our equipments are designed to protect your safety in its smallest details. Our team comes directly from the company that launched the market for MSCs in Europe, so we put a lot of history and experience into all our products and attention to the often-neglected details that improve your safety.

The BioAir experience is also very well represented by the more than 20,000 installations present in the world and operating with the maximum satisfaction of our customers.



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Intervista esclusiva a BioAir

Intervista esclusiva a BioAir

Eugenio Cesana, PM del marchio leader di apparecchiature per il controllo della contaminazione racconta le innovazioni introdotte in risposta alle...



Intervista a Eugenio Cesana, Product Manager di BioAir

LabWorld ha incontrato ad analytica 2022 Eugenio Cesana, Product Manager di BioAir, marchio leader di apparecchiature per il controllo della...

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